Roser Community Church

A Community Church with Lush History

In 2013, Roser Community Church celebrates a century of faith, worship, and community service on Anna Maria Island. It's a true community church with a fascinating history. After candy-and-cookie tycoon Charles Roser's Kenton, Ohio cookie business became part of Nabisco, Roser arrived in Florida early in the 20th century, where he became a visionary land and real estate developer and philanthropist. After building several hotels and developing Roser Park in St. Petersburg, Roser partnered with George Wilhelm Bean to develop the community of Anna Maria. Roser built the original chapel at the Pine Avenue site in 1913 as a tribute to his mother and donated it to the Anna Maria community.

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A Modern Day Church

Today Roser Community Church is an independent and diverse congregation of believers from various backgrounds united in worship, faith, and service. Attendance fluctuates, falling to about 200 in the summers but rising as high as 700, and requiring two services, in the winters. Roser Community is the site of a food pantry that gives away dozens of bags of groceries every month, and the congregation is part of the "Family Promise" program that provides short-term housing to homeless families. Roser Community also produces the colorful and highly-anticipated "Bethlehem Walk" each December, when members dressed in biblical attire parade through Anna Maria accompanied by donkeys and sheep.


Reverend Gary Batey and the congregation at Roser Community Church invite visitors to join them Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. for Sunday Worship and at 8:45 a.m. for Adult Sunday School. These are summer worship hours; please be aware that service times may change. Child-care is always available during worship services. Roser Community Church is entirely handicapped-accessible, and there's always free parking. Roser Community Church is located at 512 Pine Avenue in Anna Maria. The church telephone number is 941-778-0414, or their website Roser Community Church

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